Winter salad

The vegetables for this dish are boiled only in the skin, so they retain more vitamins and have a more intense taste. To optimally prepare the steamed vegetables. The meat is usually pre-boiled. All the ingredients are cut small cubes of the same size.

Winter salads: recipes for every day and holiday

Recipe winter salad “Olivier”

For many, the taste is familiar from childhood, it is traditionally made in our country for new year’s table. Recipe designed for a big company ― of the ingredients is obtained 6 liters of the finished product. Ingredients: 300 grams of meat; 6 carrots; 6 potatoes; 6 pickled cucumbers; 1 large onion; 6 eggs; 1 Bank of canned peas; 400 g of mayonnaise; salt, pepper.


Meat, eggs, potatoes and carrots to boil and then peel and cut into cubes.

Cucumbers and onions also cut into cubes.

With peas drain the marinade.

Mix all ingredients, season with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper.

This winter salad turns out delicious, if you cook it in advance and put in the fridge for 2 hours so that all ingredients are soaked with juices and smells of each other.

How to cook winter salad recipe with beans

Carrots with onions to clear, cut cubes and sauté in a little butter until tender.

Aitutaki and cucumbers cut into cubes and together with the beans to add to passerovannym vegetables.

Season the salad with mayonnaise, add salt and spices.

How to cook winter salad with mushrooms

Cooked in this recipe winter salad has a refreshing taste, in grey winter everyday life it will help to cheer up. Ingredients: 200 g mushrooms; 2 potatoes; 100 g of canned peas; green onions; 2 carrots; 2 salted cucumber; 2 eggs; mayonnaise; refined sunflower oil.


Carrots, eggs and potatoes boil until cooked, allow to cool completely, then peel and cut into cubes.

We have prepared for you the most interesting and popular winter salads recipes with Photos to help decorate originally a dish. All versions of the salads can be supplemented with fresh greens.

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