What to cook on New year

His coming waiting for all family members. Smart Housewives can think about what to cook, to guests and the patron of the year of the Fire Monkey was satisfied. Elenkrig the table correctly, the mistress, the Monkey will be supportive of the family will bring happiness, luck and wealth to the house. Editorial will tell You what to cook on New year 2016, because zagabria the minx, your cherished dreams will come true!

The main culprit celebrations 2016 leap year — unpredictable Red Fire Monkey. 2016 will be impulsive, active, busy and alive as the ruling animal.

2016 new year’s eve menu

Monkeys eat everything. The basis of their diet are fresh vegetables, fruits, leaves of trees and shrubs. Some are happy to eat eggs, insects, small animals, carrion. Among them there are even cannibals. But if the monkey have nothing to eat, she eats whatever will find. Knowing the peculiarities of nutrition of the monkey, you can choose any of the Christmas meals for the festive table 2016. The monkey would mind if you cook what you love, it gives you the freedom of choice of food. Cook what you like. Importantly, all meals were home cooked, not bought in the nearest supermarket or diner.

Choosing products for new year’s table should give preference to natural products. Musthave food healthy and useful, it is not necessary to save on quality products. Avoid products with food dyes, flavorings, flavor enhancers. This choice the Monkey would not approve.

A favorite treat of the animal is a mess, she just loves it. So put in the center of the table a plate with porridge. Better to have more vegetarian dishes, like a Monkey herbivore. It is possible to prepare various vegetable salads, adding a lot of greenery. A good dish for the New 2016 will be stuffed vegetables. Make a stew of vegetables, stewed zucchini, eggplant salad, vegetable lasagna. Well, if the table will be green peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens.

Festive fare in the year of the Fire Monkey

Preference Prazdny day should be given to light salads. The monkey is nimble and active, playful animal that can’t sit still. Eating low-calorie food, you will be able to have fun on the holiday without overloading the body with food. The animal will be happy if new year’s eve 2016 you will dance, participate in contests. But if you eat only high-calorie foods, you will not be able to be active.

Prepare savoury tarts and sandwiches. In tarts you can put the stuffing from cheese and eggs, sprinkle with breadcrumbs. These Goodies will love the fun monkey. Sandwiches can be made from pieces of toast, crackers. You can prepare a snack with chips, a variety of canapés, colourful skewers. It is necessary to prepare as many snacks made from fresh vegetables. Original vegetable slicing will delight the bride. Decoration new year’s table in 2016 will be home canning. Such foods like a Monkey, you will surely make her happy.

If you choose nutritious salads, it is best to cook the traditional “Coat”, “Olivier”, “Caesar”.

Mistress, loves cheese. Don’t miss the opportunity to please a minx, putting on the table cuts from various types of cheese. Good snacks are cheese, sandwiches. Cheese balls would be appropriate in anticipation of the New 2016. The monkey will appreciate dishes made from Mare’s milk. If you don’t have them, this fermented milk drink must be put on the table.

Main courses new year Wallpapers 2016

Monkey loves meat and fish, so these dishes should dominate on the holiday table. From meat products should not take the sausage and pork. The monkey will enjoy meat cooked over an open fire. This can be skewers of pig, leg of lamb, cooked on a spit. The meat is frying, it is much better to bake. If you want to make something with fish, it is best to make your ear.

Baked fish in the oven — a great dish for the holiday table 2016. It is easy, useful, contains a minimal amount of fat and calories. Chicken Tabaka will surprise all guests. Its aromatic crisp will enjoy this undemanding animal. You can prepare for the New year flavorful and juicy khinkali. Meat with vegetables — perfect for new year’s table. It will satisfy not only visitors, but also the merry minx. Hearty and beautiful dish is French meat with boiled potatoes.

Consuming need to minimize their active pet does not like. No need to prepare a lot of dishes that are subjected to heat treatment. The monkey prefers natural food.

Mobile Monkey likes bitter food. For cooking on New 2016 you should use spices, herbs and seasonings. It is useful to prepare a gourmet spicy sauces, which are great for meat. Monkey loves products with bitterness. The mustard on the table.

Christmas drinks Monkey

Meeting New 2016, be sure to take the most noble of alcoholic drinks. It’s expensive semi-sweet or dry wines, whiskey, brandy. The meat dishes will be well combined with tart red wine. We cannot ignore the presence on the table of the traditional new year’s drink — champagne. From non-alcoholic beverages must be purchased juices and mineral water. The monkey will approve of the compote or fruit drink own cooking. Good will and alcoholic milkshakes with ice. They should be decorated with colorful straws and umbrellas, slices of tropical fruit.

In any case, the table must not be used for moonshine and beer. From them should be abandoned. It is better to buy less expensive drinks than to drink and not expensive self-made. Monkey loves luxury. It was under quality and expensive drinks need to make a wish for the year of the Fire Monkey.

Festive dessert

Monkey — big sweet tooth. You will be her pet, if at the festive table will be a lot of sweets. Buy chocolate candy in bright wrappers rustling. Prepare Christmas dessert with their hands – all kinds of homemade cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies will enjoy the energetic minx. Pastry should be bright, unusual shape. Beautiful and sweet cake with decorations of mastic will appeal not only to you but to the Monkey. Especially if you decorate it with fruit.

All Monkeys are sensitive to the oats. Make it a nice, to cook homemade oatmeal cookies with honey, nuts and fruits.

Mischievous minx would be crazy about a variety of fruits and berries on the table. Buy apples, pears, bananas, grapes, oranges, kiwi fruit and put them in a beautiful wicker basket.

Fruit salad is a great dish that will delight mischievous mistress. She will be glad baked apples, fruit in caramel.

Serving new year’s table 2016

The tablecloth on the table in the New year of the Monkey should be bright and shiny. The best material for the satin or silk. Take napkins, which will show off the Monkey. They should be made of natural materials. Wooden jewelry will attract home good luck. Be sure to place on the table a large candle. To win the favor of the Monkey should try to keep all the dishes on the table looked impressive, bright, beautiful and unusual. Use the pretty dishes for serving new year’s table. The table decoration should be given special attention. It can be decorated with flower arrangement, and to pick up a beautiful decoration. Don’t forget about decorating the house for the New year. and the main symbol of the New year – beautiful Christmas tree.

Please be sure to willful and unpredictable Monkey in the night, the year was successful, but households were healthy and happy. Zagabria her, the problems and troubles will bypass your home party.

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