What to cook from cooked meat

It so happens that after cooking the broth for cooking other dishes, we still have pieces of boiled meat. Putting it in the finished soup is not always appropriate, and throw a pity. In this case we begin to think about what can be prepared from cooked meat .

Salads with boiled meat

The most common dish that immediately comes to mind is a salad. There are a lot of recipes of salads with boiled meat: from the simple and familiar Olivier to exotic salads with fruits and gourmet cheeses.

If you want a hearty feed the family for dinner, try mixing boiled meat with roasted carrots and mushrooms, add some green peas, tuck in mayonnaise — and you get the perfect salad for a family dinner. If you mix small chopped pieces of boiled beef with boiled rice and green beans bleached — then you will have a delicious and elegant salad diet.

If you in the freezer has frozen mixed vegetables, then you are literally five minutes can make a wonderful salad. Pour over enough pieces of vegetables with boiling water, mix them with the chopped meat and season with your favorite sauce.

Baked meat

Range of dishes from atenogenes not just limited to salads. For example, from a large piece of boiled beef, you can make some sort of pork. Smear the meat with mustard or horseradish, or generously rolled in fragrant spices. Wrap in foil and place in oven for literally 15-20 minutes. Remove and let cool. Now you have a great pot roast that can be cut into thin slices and make sandwiches for Breakfast.

Recipes of hot dishes

You don’t have to think long about what to cook boiled beef, because there are plenty of tasty hot dishes that use boiled meat. The most popular of these are the pasta nautically. It is enough to cut cooked meat in a meat grinder or blender, lightly saute in a small amount of vegetable oil and mix with boiled pasta.

About as prepared and loved by many spaghetti Bolognese, only in this case after roasting, you will need to mix the meat with tomato paste, stew all together for 10-15 minutes, and pour over the finished meat sauce over plates of spaghetti.

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Simple and delicious dishes of boiled meat can be obtained by adding thereto an ingredient such as potatoes. For example, you can make a casserole of mashed potatoes with boiled meat — just like how we all ate in the childhood. Or make potato zrazy, stuff them with meat, roll in bread crumbs and fry in vegetable oil.

Almost any dish that uses raw meat, can be interpreted differently and be prepared with pre cooked meat. Pilaf, goulash, pot roast and many other favorite dishes will acquire a new taste if you cook them in a new way. Don’t be afraid to experiment — and your loved ones always will admire your culinary talent.

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