Traditional Christmas meals different countries

One of the most beloved by all the peoples of the holidays – the New year is not far off. It’s time to decide how you are going to celebrate and that will put on the table. And in today’s article I want to move away from the topic of self-development and tell you about traditional Christmas dishes around the world.

Roasted Turkey

One of the most popular Christmas dishes in France are fried in white wine Turkey (recipe ), garlic soup with cauliflower, snails, goose pate, various cheeses and the amazing desserts – merinta with strawberries, croquembouche and chocolate log.

German menu for the New year usually includes salmon in pastry (recipe ), mustard potatoes, and fried carp with lemon slices. All this beauty is combined with marzipan sweets (recipe marzipan cake ) and nut pies.

Absolute favorite of British – plum-pudding (recipe ) consisting of fried bread, bacon, raisins, candied fruit, almonds and apples. Moreover, except for the dishes are very interesting, his serve. Plum-pudding doused with rum, set on fire, and in this form put on the table.

New year’s meal in Italy is almost impossible without cotechino – pork sausage (recipe ), zampone (roasted meat in


pork leg) and seafood – cod, perch and eel roasted (recipe ). The latter is served on the table together with traditional Italian spaghetti.

The Spaniards and Portugalete, in his new year meal be sure to use the grapes. The fact is that in these countries a bunch of grapes is considered to be a sort of magic wand — if at midnight eat 12 grapes (one for each month) and make the same desires, they will come true.

Traditional Christmas food in Norway is not very diverse and original. In this country valued dishes such as stewed chops, potato puree, neobychnye sauces and creamy soup with salmon (recipe ).

Salmon in pastry

Christmas treats in Finland interesting in the first place dessert – a small liver in the form of stars, topped with prunes and raisins. But the Central dish of the table is the ham in the mustard (the recipe ) and various fish meals (recipe snacks, sogudi ).

Baharav festive table decorated with such interesting and unusual dishes, like moussaka – the national meat dish (recipe ), sweet potatoes with apples and eggplant with mushrooms. To tea in this country serves the zavyvanets with lemon (recipe ) and Patty (a dessert made of curd).

Bon appétit and happy New year. )

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