The most expensive restaurants in the world

The restaurant, unlike cafe, fast food, canteen is not only a place where you can eat. Fabulous restaurants, along with fancy cars and clothes “haute couture”, is an integral attribute of luxury lifestyle.

As you know, the gorgeous restaurant, the more expensive it is. It is noteworthy that, according to the recently published American edition of “The Forbes” most expensive “gourmet” restaurants in the world, the lion’s share of them is – well, who would doubt – in Paris. By the way, if you, dear reader, will be able to carve out weekend time to fly to Paris to enjoy the local restaurants in the rating recommended to be prepared for the fact that you are not “full” in the understanding of Ukrainians lunch of three courses in the appropriate amounts, but 5-10 tiny portions of different dishes, designed for a taste of the real gourmet.

So, in the first position of the rating of the restaurant “L’arpege” in Paris. On average, one dish in this place will cost gourmet $466. Business card restaurant – vegetable dishes. This, for example, a salad of tomatoes, 12 different flavors, a dish of fresh carrots – each carrot is not more than 4 cm long with original sauce, etc.

Phtorapatite rating – restaurant “Alain Ducasse Plaza Athenee” in Paris. Dinner 5 delicious dishes are on average $437. The school pleases its customers with both traditional, classical French cuisine, gourmet and original exercises in the style of “modern”. A wide selection of cheeses and expensive wines.

The third position of the rating of the restaurant “Guy Savoy” in Paris. One dish at this restaurant will cost an average of $402. The restaurant’s motto “pleasure and poetry” in the food. From this position, chef “Savoy” offers its customers a cuisine designed to delight not only the taste buds but also the eyes – blue under the blue squid sauce, “polychrome” mushrooms and other Signature dish of the restaurant – soup of black truffle with artichoke.

The fourth position of the rating is the restaurant “Masa”, new York. One dish can be ordered here for $400. The restaurant specialises in Japanese cuisine. The most popular among visitors are variations of this dish of raw fish that comes to the restaurant straight from Japan. So, you can eat 25 different types of sushi.

The fifth position of the rating of the restaurant “Pierre Gagnaire” in Paris. The average cost of meals is $373. Pierre garden – the founding father of the so-called “fusion-cuisine”, which, in all its glory textures, shapes, and tastes and presents in the restaurant.

The sixth position is the restaurant “Joel Robuchon” in Las Vegas. The average cost of meals is $360. The specialty of the restaurant – set “Trilogy” of three different kinds of caviar.

Seventh position – restaurant “Louis XV”, Monaco. The average cost of meals is $307. The restaurant describes itself as a “school for gourmets” and willing to delight not only the taste and smell, but also the aesthetic taste of its customers stylishly decorated interiors. “We are preparing including very simple meals of only two or three ingredients, in order to give the customer experience a certain taste and aroma,” – noted in “Louis XV”.

At the eighth position of the ranking is the restaurant “La Pergola”, Rome. The average cost per meal is $267. From the terrace of the restaurant, offering its customers the best of classic Mediterranean cuisine, offers a panoramic view of beautiful Rome.

Ninth position – restaurant “Ithaa Undersea Restaurant”, the island of Rangali. The average cost per meal of $250. The restaurant is built in the style of high-tech, as for the style of cuisine, it is described as “maliska fusion-cuisine”.

And completes a rating of the restaurant “Eigensinn Farm”, which Singhampton, Canada. The average cost of meals is $250. Source: “The Forbes”

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