The most expensive food

In the world of wealth and luxury will always be a demand for exclusivity. Some of the rich, the desire to explore something new, ready to pay the sum comparable with the cost of luxury cars. Before you – the most expensive food in the world:

10. Matsutake mushrooms (mattaka)

To buy 500 grams of these mushrooms will have to shell out $ 1,000. Mushrooms originally from Japan but grow in other Asian countries. The number of matsutake decreased because of the insects which destroy the trees in whose shade they grow. And since the cultivation method of mushrooms not found yet, there is a risk that they will disappear from the face of the Earth.

9. Bagel for $ 1,000

Hearty and tasty bun slathered with cream cheese, flavored with white truffles, Zlatolist and jam from the berries Goji.

8. “Frittata in a million” for $ 1,000

Dish, one serving of which costs $ 1,000, is made from lobster, egg and caviar sevruga, the cost of which equals 65 dollars for 30 grams.

7. Steak of the Wagyu breed

The steak cost $ 2,800 per serving is prepared from the meat of cows being given beer and massages. Incredibly high price of steak and accompanied by incredible fat meals, so if you do not wish your purse,take your health.

6. Samundari The Chazan

The most expensive curry in the world is 3.200 dollars. It was prepared in honor of the reception, which took place at the premiere of the film “Slumdog Millionaire” in Mumbai. A dish prepared with white truffle, Devon crab and Beluga caviar, all then sprinkled with edible gold leaf.

5. Pizza “Royale 007”

30-inch pizza for $ 4.200 prepares himself Domenico crolla. Its main ingredients: caviar soaked in champagne, slices of lobster in a brandy marinade Scottish smoked salmon, balsamic vinegar, slow shutter, prosciutto, tenderloin venison. In the end the whole pizza is covered in 24-carat edible gold leaf.

4. Watermelon, Densuke

These black watermelons grow only in Hokkaido in Japan. The high cost of the product is due to its incredibly low harvest of only 65 watermelons for the season. Watermelon, Densuke whose value is equal to 6.100 dollars, the taste is similar to normal, but has a slight difference in sweetness.

3. Yubari melon

Yubari melons surpassed black watermelons are expensive: at auction two of these melons were sold to the restaurant with a nautical theme for 22.872 dollar.

2. Caviar “Almas”

The most rare and valuable in the world of Iranian caviar, which is sold in “Caviar House & Prunier” in London in Golden jars (999-th sample). Her book is 25,000 dollars.

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