The most expensive dishes in the world

Restaurants all over the world from new York to Sri Lanka and Abu Dhabi are competing to create the most luxurious and expensive dishes in the world. To do this, they hire the most popular, shrewd and consequently well-paid cooks, to those impressed the audience with their gastronomic delights. These culinary masterpieces should call truly a delight and an overwhelming desire to try and pay this astronomical amount of money. Those who already burned with curiosity, we will tell about the list of the most expensive dishes in the world by the BBC.

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

The world’s most expensive cupcake was introduced behold Lam with a sweet tooth in one of the cafes in Dubai. The sweetness of the Golden Phoenix is estimated at a monstrous 3 676 dirham ( 1 dirham about ramen 0.27 U.S.) and handed out recipe that includes Italian chocolate, 23-carat edible gold sheets, organic strawberries and lots of edible gold powder. The cupcake was presented on 24-carat gold stand and was subject to order in advance.

Cocktail “27 321”

In 2008 in Dubai at the famous hotel in the sail-shaped Burj al Arab, poured the most expensive cocktail on the planet. Cocktail under. titled “27 321” cost 231 27 dirham. Priced and named in honor of floor, on coromega filed ( 27 Oh ), together with the height of the hotel (321 m), it was made from 55 –year-old Scottish whiskey, dry fruit liqueur liqueurs, fruit zaharevych home pritoplennye and served in 18-carat gold glass. Although the hotel sold 10 of these cocktails for half a year to individual guests, he still continues to serve it.

The Frozen Haute Chocolate Chocolate

A moment on your lips; a lifetime. for your wallet. Such is the case with the world’s most expensive dessert the Frozen Haute Chocolate, worth $18,713. Such a luxury is served in the restaurant Serendipity 3, a restaurant on the Upper East side of new York. The dish combines 28 different kinds of cocoa, decorated with 5 grams of 23-carat edible gold and splashes of gold shavings. The sweet treat is served in a Cup covered with edible Golden leaves, ozloblennoe 18-Karat gold bracelet with diamonds. Attached to the bowl of a spoon of solid gold, encrusted with rare black, white and chocolate-colored diamonds.

Le Burger Extravagant ( Extravagancy Burger)

What you need for making the most expensive Burger in the world? Japanese waygu the veal, infused with oil of white truffle with the addition of 10 herbs, smoked Pacific Alderwoods seasoned with salt, topped with cheddar cheese, grated black truffles, put on top of the fried quail egg, put it all on the Campana roll of white truffle oil, and Nakane, added to pancakes, sour cream and Golden caviar Kaluga. The price just 293$, and prepares such nepravishta refinement again such Nuyorkguy restaurant Serendipity 3.

Sushi Del Oriente

How about easy Japanese cuisine? Sushi with a pretty predictable navaneet Del Oriente, which translated from Spanish means “East” are still quite unpredictable content and was very surprised with the price.

Nigiri sushi wrapped in 24-carat gold leaves and decorated with five 0, 2 multiples of African diamonds. A Japanese businessman was eating such sushi in my personal residence in Manila, Philippines in 2010. This dish was served to him rising star chef of the gastronomic Angelito Araneta from the company’s premium class Carat Chief. Account? Stunning 85 727,59 Philippine peso. Shooting the cook, obviously, presented as a wedding proposal. How can I say no?

Soup called “Buddha jumps over the wall”

If you’re heading to London in a restaurant Kai Mayfair with 108 pounds in his pocket, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most precious soup in the world. The dish called “Buddha jumps over the wall”, obviously, because it is so delicious that even a vegetarian would have jumped over the wall to get him, or for any other reason. In this “cult” soup add a shark fin, abalone, Japanese shiitake mushroom, sea cucumber, dried scallops, chicken, Hunan ham, pork and ginseng. It needs to be booked in advance for 5 days.

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