The most disgusting food in the world

Everyone loves a tasty meal, and even more I love when delicious food looks nice and edible. And in today’s collection of Photos you will see the most horrible and disgusting food in the world, which are delicacies in certain countries and regions. You will definitely find some that also disgust you nothing will cause. Photos are not for the faint of heart.

1. Fried tarantulas (Cambodia).

Cambodia has fried tarantulas began during the period of historic hunger strikes. Now this dish is considered a delicacy.

2. Balut (Philippines).

Balut is a snack that consists of a boiled duck or chicken egg, which has already formed fruit. This snack can be found on all the streets and markets of Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In these areas, this dish is popular as in America hot dogs. Is considered a male food – rumor has it that he improves potency.

3. Wine from snakes and shpionov (Asia).

This unusual type of liquor can be found mainly in Asia. In a bottle of rice wine immersed snakes and Scorpions, then this mixture several months wandering. During this time the poison completely dissolves and turns a good alcoholic drink.

4. Cobra heart (Vietnam).

In Vietnam prefer to eat raw Cobra heart, drink the fresh crovatoi snakes, and some people make it rice wine.

5. Soup made from the saliva birds (China).

This is not only one of the most disgusting dishes in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive food consumed by a person, so as to extract saliva is extremely difficult.

6. Wine from newborn mice (China, Korea).

The traditional wine in China and Korea, the taste is something reminiscent of gasoline. Is a healthy drink. In a bottle of rice wine throw live newborn mice and left to ferment.

7. KAFU marzu (Sardinia).

This type of cheese, few would want to try his stuffed insect larvae, often called ” maggoty cheese “. But to eat it while it still have live larvae, because otherwise it can be poisonous.

8. Kopi Luwak (Indonesia).

The rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. You would have refused, if you are kindly suggested to drink this coffee? I think Yes, if I knew that it is made from the excrement of an animal similar to a cat, which name is Luwak.

9. Eye tuna (Japan, China).

Usually this dish is served only in these 2 countries and represents the eyeball of the tuna. They say that the taste is much better than it seems.

10. Oysters of the rocky mountains.

Someone might think that they are not much different from those that can be found on the ocean floor, but actually is something else. The testicles of a Buffalo – skin them, boil, roll in flour and fry.

11. Fugu.

A rarity in many restaurants in the world. The fact that only highly trained chefs are allowed to prepare this dish. Prepared from poisonous fish, and if something goes wrong, it could be your last meal.

12. Fried beetles.

Dishes made from insects are doing in many parts of the world, Europe and North America is no exception. Served crispy insects, making them a great snack.

13. Escamoles (Mexico).

This is a terrible dish arrived to us from Mexico. Is a salad from the eggs of giant black ants. Have oily and taste vaguely reminiscent of walnuts.

14. San NAK JI (South Korea).

The delicacy of the octopus, which is served to the table still alive. You need to have time to put in his mouth still wriggling tentacle, chew it, swallow and not choke. Every year about 5 people in Korea die from eating this dish – choked by the tentacles.

15. Head sheep.

Can be fed as with marrow, and without it. Considered a delicacy in the Mediterranean and some areas of Northern Europe.

16. Soup from a bat (Thailand, GUAM).

Though bats are considered to be carriers of various diseases, they are still used in soups in Thailand, GUAM and parts of China.

17. Bull penis.

Designed for parks, frying, or eating raw, ox penis is commonly eaten in Eastern countries. In Western countries, as a rule, bull’s penis dried and then feed them to dogs.

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