The most delicious dishes of the world

Doner kebab
Thai soup (or salad) there current MoE prepared from almost anything, the only required ingredient is the fresh blood of cows or pigs. If we consider that in translation there current MoE means “waterfall”, a very picturesque image.

Plain corn tortillas in the cuisine of Venezuela and Colombia turned into a real delicacy called arepa. Corn dough for the arepas prepared in any way: baked, fried, boiled and served surrounded by meat, fish, vegetables, herbs or exotic fruits.

French cuisine is quoted low in the rating of delicious dishes. Remembered only 21 positions, which is given to the croissants. Croissants with coffee is the best Breakfast you can find in France, and possibly in the world.
Coffee and croissants
Croissants can only bet international chocolate brownie. In the company of vanilla ice cream they are especially delicious.

Lasagna, according to the compilers of the list, the most delicious type of Italian pastas. It can be cooked with almost any toppings and sauces, like spaghetti, macaroni and other relatives.

Mashed potatoes – it’s too easy to enter a rating of the most delicious dishes of the world, but if it’s Irish mashed potatoes with green onions, butter, pepper and salt, it called the Champ and sits right in the middle of the ranking.

The best accompaniment for crab meat and garlic butter. Crab in a creamy garlic sauce you can try in India and China: they make a different in taste but equally delicious varieties of the dish.

Mexican fajitas – this is, in fact, Shawarma in the South American way: meat, vegetables, spices and sauce wrapped in a tortilla-tortilla. The secret is in how prepared the meat, what vegetables, spices, sauces and tortillas. Words can not explain, it is necessary to try. And desirable, in Mexico.

Meat can be smoked everywhere, but in Canada it is prepared especially tasty. It takes 10 days, but the result is worth it. By the way, a sandwich-Montreal smoked beef, mustard and pickled vegetables came to taste the Rolling Stones, and it is not just.

Pho – this simple word is indicated by a simple Vietnamese soup with meat, vegetables, rice noodles and herbs. The recipe appeared to please the tastes of foreigners (Chinese and French). Vietnamese cooks have successfully coped with the task. Drive to Hanoi and check.

Kobe beef is the “Rolls-Royce of beef”. Tender and juicy marbled meat should be tasted where it was invented – in Japan. Only in Japanese restaurants serve sashimi beef that needs no additions or decorations, except for a few drops of Kaffir lime and green tea salt.

Kobe beef
Vietnamese roll is anything you want, wrapped in the finest rice paper. The secret to the taste of fresh aromatic herbs and sauces.

Ham – it is delicious anyway, but in Italy, this simple dish made a masterpiece Parma ham. She is not only surprisingly delicious but also elegantly beautiful: thin, transparent slices of Parma ham can turn any pizza, salad and a sandwich in a dish of high cuisine.

Ankimo is steamed liver of fish-the monk, marinated in sake and served with sauce, chili, daikon and herbs. Try ankimo better in Japan.

In the UK the fish are easier to fry deep-fried, seasoned with vinegar and sauce and served with fried potatoes. But ironically, the British dish fish and chips should be in the rankings for Japanese delicacy.

Canadian maple syrup is more than the syrup. You can eat everything, even the boiled broccoli.

Maple syrup
Singapore style crab with spicy tomato sauce is so delicious that it is served in miniature buns: not to eat tender meat of a crab and to collect the liquid sauce from the plate.

Best BBQ cook in Texas. This cowboy state know so many barbecue recipes that they are divided into 4 schools: Vostochnobeisky, Zapadnotekhasskaya, Geneticheskoi and Centralnotices. If you think you can cook, BBQ, go to Texas.

Chicken with Parmesan and mozzarella with garlic tomato spicy sauce – sounds Italian, but actually, it’s an Australian dish. Italian chef totally against plagiarism, because Australian colleagues it turns out really tasty.

Another example of a successful culinary borrowing French toast in Hong Kong. Two thin toast stick together peanut butter or coconut jam, fried in egg batter with butter and served with exotic syrups. The mixture of French with gankovsky is very rich in calories, but amazingly tasty.

Surprisingly, in the list of delicious dishes got American ketchup. The authors explained their choice by the fact that this sauce can transform any dish.

Marzipan (this marzipan from almonds and soy is not fake) is not only a material for sculpting, but delicious sweetness. If you don’t like it, then you have not tried real marzipan from Germany.

Smelly (rotten) tofu is one of the most strange and delicious dishes of South-East Asia. As durian and aged French cheese, stinky tofu is terrible and beautiful at the same time. The brave souls who dared to try greenish brown or black mass with the smell of dung and rotting garbage, compare it with the taste of foie Gras. To test your stability on the markets of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

British sauce Marmite for the rest of Europe is slightly different from the stinky tofu. Marmite is a thick dark yeast extract with a salty-sour-tart taste. Smear it on toast with butter and jam.

Sauce Bain Marie
Mexican tacos – simple but very tasty, fragrant and useful. Grilled beef, guacamole, salsa, onions, herbs and fresh tortilla is to lose weight in Mexico will fail.

Putin only takes the 6th place from the end. Talking about canadian fishing season the potatoes with a thick cheese sauce, without which no cost beer parties.

In Singapore is so tasty cooked chicken with rice, this dish is worthy and higher places in the ranking. Just imagine: almost transparent, oil soaked rice, steamed tender chicken, spicy sauce and cucumbers – a real celebration of taste.

When ordering a salad in Thailand, be prepared for pleasant surprises. For example, you can bring som Tam, a delicious salad of unripe papaya. The beauty of it in the sauce, which has four tastes: sour, salty, spicy and sweet.

Som Tam
Don’t even try to cook seafood paella outside of Spain. Real Spanish paella is not only the freshest clams, lobsters, cuttlefish, fragrant herbs, special variety of rice and olive oil. It is also the sea air and hot sun of Valencia.

Potato chips can be cooked anywhere in the world, but it is considered that in the USA they are the most delicious.

Potato chips
In India especially relevant to the pancakes. They are called masala dosa, made from rice flour, wrapped them in boiled potatoes and served with pickled vegetables, coconut chutney, lentil sauce and other amazing snacks.

Masala Dosa
Last in the list of the most delicious dishes in the world called popcorn. Like chips, it is recommended to eat in cinemas.

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