The most delicious dishes of the world

The most delicious dishes of the world, as a rule, don’t travel, and get to know these culinary delights only in their homeland. To prepare for the world’s best recipes, of course, possible anywhere in the world where there are modern supermarkets with a large selection of products, but don’t be surprised that with mass produced products is the result will not be as impressive as if you were using fresh, local products. This does not mean that you are a bad cook or the recipe was wrong. Real people’s cooking is not only recipes and techniques, but also unique local products, varieties of vegetables and fruits, the methods of storage and traditional utensils. Even the composition of water and soil, temperature and humidity – all affect the taste.

Pizza in a wood oven
I won’t try to cook the real Neapolitan pizza, if you don’t have a wood-burning oven and Italian flour, and you live in the suburbs. Tom Yam soup without the authentic fresh spices too, not impressed. It is better to cook our traditional dishes and the exotic meet while traveling, and you will be happy!

Where you can taste delicious dishes of the world
In the South of Thailand cooked the most delicious dish in the world – massaman curry. It is based on meat, coconut milk, nuts, potatoes, palm sugar. Nothing special, but to repeat this dish outside of Thailand is almost impossible because it requires the freshest spices, sauces and special paste for curry massaman local production.

Massaman Curry (Massaman curry)
Neapolitan pizza – tastiest of all – is made from the simplest ingredients: wheat flour, sea salt, olive oil, tomatoes and Basil. The main conditions – a wood-burning stove and the air of Naples.

Pizza Margarita
Real Mexican chocolate is not sweet tile, and thick bitter drink made from selected cocoa beans. It drank Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor, who had more than 600 wives and concubines.

Hot chocolate
Japanese sushi and everything Japanese, concise and brilliant in its simplicity. Only in the land of the Rising Sun you can enjoy sushi, as they thought: the freshest seafood and vegetables prepared by real professionals.

Sushi and rolls
Peking duck is the symbol of Chinese cuisine and dish created for the emperors – it is prepared from specially-bred birds in huge kilns. Duck in Peking perfect everything: skin, meat and fat. And ordering Peking duck at a nice restaurant, you will get a real “duck ceremony”.

Peking duck
Cook in a Chinese restaurant cut up the Peking duck
Burgers by fast food chains cook in the world, but it was the German Burger, which appeared in Hamburg not without the help of the Russians, is considered a classic.

Fish soup Assam Laksa is a masterpiece of Malay cuisine. Have you ever had hot and sour spicy noodles with minced fish, tamarind, lemongrass, mangosteen, pineapple, mint, shoots of ginger, chilli and shrimp paste? Will be in Malaysia, a must try.

Assam Laksa
Not happy with the previous suggestions? Try Tom Yam (Tom yum) Thai soup based on chicken broth with shrimp, mushrooms, fish, tomatoes, lime leaves, galangal and other exotic stuff. Tom Yam is simultaneously sour, salty, spicy and sweet.

Thai Tom Yam soup
In the US just need to try the ice cream – here it is surprisingly delicious: chocolate sauce, marshmallows, nuts. Careful, American ice cream is addictive.

American ice cream
Muamba chicken – sounds exotic, but essentially it’s just chicken, fried in palm oil with spicy peppers, garlic and vegetables. Will be in Angola, do not forget to try.

Meat, pungent spices and coconut milk and cook Indonesian dish is the Rendang. This unappetizing-looking dark pieces of dried meat, which after a long treatment gave surprisingly rich aroma and taste.

Britain’s pride, the shepherd’s pie. It is usually made from lamb and mashed potatoes and eat on a rainy evening by the fireplace. It’s so British.

Corn, cooked whole, does not belong to any cuisine, but almost anywhere in the world can be found this simple, delicious and nutritious dish. Boiled or grilled corn on the cob with butter is a complete meal or a quick return to childhood.

American donuts is a weakness of Homer Simpson – behind American ice cream for 5 positions due to high fat content. But otherwise they would not be included in the list of the most delicious dishes of the world.

American donut donuts
In Hawaii cook the meat very strange way – in ovens underground on hot stones, wrapped in banana leaves. Within 6-7 hours the meat becomes impregnated with the smoke of flavors and becomes amazingly tender and juicy. And the dish, and cooking method called kalua.

In Hong Kong, a lot of delicious, but here are the egg tart – crispy cake from shortcake dough with semi-fluid filled egg cream. Try all versions of egg toppings: honey, milk, ginger, green tea and chocolate.

Egg tart
Lobster is found in many kitchens are lucky with access to the sea. To cook a delicacy out of lobster, enough to poach it and serve with butter and lemon.

There are many variations on the theme of Shawarma, but for some unknown reason, the first rating has hit Iran’s Doner kebab, which is prepared in the same way as everywhere else: from chopped meat, vegetables, spices, sauces, wrapped in pita or lavash.

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