The most delicious dishes for the wedding

You need to think of meals to the wedding. The recipes can be light but tasty. Below are a few recipes of salads that can rightfully stand at the wedding table.

Wedding is perhaps the most solemn and memorable event in the life of all the couples who decided to unite their bond of marriage. The most important part, which is to spend a lot of time is a celebration. It is therefore important to carefully in advance and think through all the menus to the wedding. The delicious salad recipes to help feed guests and enjoy the unusual taste treats.

What are the General traditions of a wedding food can be identified?

Speaking about the special menu at every wedding, of course this does not happen in our time. Everyone chooses the menu for their holiday at their own discretion. But a few traditions still remained. Mandatory in any wedding menu is a cake for the young. As a rule, stand it at the end of the celebration, and it is just a masterpiece of confectionary art.

Also the decoration of the table are the fruit. Currently fruit make stunning compositions. At almost any wedding you can find dishes of meat, as the saying goes: “a Wedding without meat is not a holiday! “.

And of course not obsticles such dishes as salads for wedding table. The recipes are so diverse that everyone prefers the selection of salads for your taste.

And here are some of the most popular recipes of salads for weddings.

Layered salad with chicken.

For its preparation you will need:

– chicken fillet – 300g;

– mushrooms – 250gr;

– chicken eggs – 4pcs;

– onions – 1 piece;

– carrots – 1 piece;

– cheese – 150g;

– sunflower oil;

– mayonnaise.

Fry the mushrooms for 20 minutes, then put them in a sieve and give to flow butter. On a clean pan, fry the carrot Luke. Chicken fillet boil, chop and place on a serving plate the first layer, brush with mayonnaise. The next layer – boiled eggs on a small grater. On eggs to lay out the carrots, onion, fluff with mayonnaise. Put the mushrooms on top and grate the cheese. Salad to the table ready!

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