The most dangerous food world

Rare today, the food can be called completely healthy and safe. Genetically modified foods often replace us with the usual food. However, risky identity, being in search of the adrenaline of doping, sometimes to eat such food, which often can lead to death of the hapless gourmet.

The first place among the most dangerous dishes in the world is honorable fugu meat. One drop of tetradotoxin, which are full of milk, liver and the intestines, can cause respiratory arrest, and the poison contained in one fish is enough to kill 35-40 people. By the way, there is no cure. Interestingly, to enjoy a dangerous delicacy hundreds of eager thrill-seekers, and the death of 70-100 people are not deterred by these foodies.

In the second place astwo from a live octopus San NAK JI. No poisonous substances in the dish there is, however, stirring in the throat gourmet tentacles can cause choking and lead to the death of gourmet. So chefs recommend starting a sea reptile from the head. By the way, the octopus is very helpful and contains almost no fat, so it is often chosen by people who prefer organic food .

Casu Marzu – rotten cheese, made in Sardinia. Recently he was banned, but it is easy to purchase illegally. Implanted in cheese cheese fly larvae – worms up to 8 mm long. They enhance ProcessTermination and lend an exceptional softness to the finished product. Eat cheese with a wiggling worms that can sometimes jump to a distance of 20 cm the Danger is that the larvae can colonize the intestines, and then cause bleeding and perforation, and also allergic reactions.

Manioc, or cassava – is no less dangerous product. This plant is traditionally used in African cuisine full of cyanide. However, in a boiled and dried form it is perfectly safe. Women of Latin America from cassava bake delicious cakes.

Akka, fruit, a little like a pear. Akka collected in Jamaica only on a certain day, as unripe or overripe in the form of overseas fruit contains a poison. In addition, this product is best absorbed from the soil and air of harmful substances, so the chefs always used to check the minimum nitrate tester. Despite the number of victims of extreme cuisines, there are always those willing to taste the poisonous food.

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