The exotic cuisine restaurants in Kiev

If traditional everyday dishes are not delivering pleasure, and the soul requires something new, unknown and exotic – it’s time to arrange a gastronomic tour.

It’s not necessary to go abroad in search of Mexican, Vietnamese and Brazilian cuisine. Ethnic restaurants are gaining more and more popularity among residents of the capital.

Mexican cuisine:

The Mexican restaurant Tequila house

In addition to a large selection of Mexican cuisine, the restaurant boasts the most delicious “Margarita” in town. The figures speak for themselves – during the year there drink about 10 000 liters of cocktail.

The atmosphere in the school is very funny, on Fridays there is live music and special prices on tequila. And, by the way, the tequila in the restaurant you will find over 20 different types of this drink.

What to try?

Taco with beef

Corn tortilla chips nachos

Enchiladas with chicken

Ice cream with tequila

Cocktail “Margarita”

Contacts, map: Kiev, Spasskaya str., 8A

Brazilian cuisine:

Brazilian Steakhouse Grill do Brasil

The highlight of this restaurant is popular in Brazil-service Rodizio – eat as much as you can. By paying a fixed cost, each guest receives unlimited access to appetizers, a salad bar, hot dishes and, of course, – meat, which stand on large skewers and offer everyone.

… In the old days the Gauchos* were strung LARGE pieces of meat on a spit and slowly roasted them over an open fire. In Grill do Brasil, we maintain this tradition of cooking meat and culture of feasting in style RODIZIO, which is more than 300 years. Rodizio, or “eat all you want” is the most popular tradition of service in Brazil, which has conquered Europe and America. Read more

Moroccan cuisine:

Restaurant Marrakesh

If you ever dreamed to visit Morocco, be sure to go to this restaurant. Traditional Eastern interior, draped with carpets, walls, soft cushions and dim lights – all this creates an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. In the menu you will find a variety of Moroccan dishes, as well as the largest in the city tea and hookah card.

What to try?

Couscous with shrimp

Moroccan cakes

Babaganoush (appetizer of baked eggplant with grated sauce “Tahini”)

Lamb fillet with vegetable gratin and sauce “Hoisin”

Classic hookah

Lebanese cuisine

Contacts, map: Kiev, St. Peter Sahaidachny, 24

Marakesh is located in the historical part of the city – Podol. Within its walls intricately intertwined authentic Maghreb interior, European and Ukrainian dishes. Draped with Maghreb rugs walls, brightly colored pillows, footstools cherry, secluded alcoves and lounge music played by DJs create a special mood of lightness. Features. The. Read more

Lebanese cuisine:

Restaurant Mon Cher

For those who do not know the Lebanese cuisine is similar to Mediterranean. In the menu you can find meals from beans and chickpeas to try this tabbouleh, traditional Lebanese cheeses and hummus. From Thursday to Sunday at the restaurant live music, and yet there is a large selection of hookah tobacco.

“Mon cher” invites residents and guests to try dishes of Lebanese and European cuisine. Talented chefs will surprise You by a delicious traditional Ukrainian and European dishes, but also exotic Lebanese dishes. It’s very simple, tasty and very useful. Not only the food but also the restaurant’s wine list will please the true. Read more

Pan-Asian cuisine:

Restaurant Hunting Sheep

Pan-Asian cuisine includes dishes of the countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Korea and Singapore.

The restaurant’s menu you will find traditional Asian dishes and a large selection of steaks from marbled beef, which the owners produce themselves. Steaks are cooked on a Japanese charcoal grill “robat”. So, for example, the signature steak “Hunting sheep” weighs two kilograms and is made according to sous-vide: about 7 hours the meat is stewed in vacuum-Packed at low temperature, and before serving, baked on the grill.

What to try?

Spring rolls with shrimp

Tom Yam soup with seafood

Indonesian yellow brown

Rice with pork and kimchi

Molecular ice cream “eggs and bacon”

Contacts, map: Kiev, Vozdvyzhenska str. 10-b

Hunting for sheep in the first place, it’s meat an Asian restaurant, so the main focus is on meat, fortunately, judging by the number of unripened carcasses, shortage in the past, cannot be expected. . Read more

Indian cuisine:

Restaurant Himalaya

The Himalayas is one of the first Indian restaurants in Kiev. The restaurant is famous for its affordable prices and generous portions. And if you ever tried Indian food before ordering it is better to ask the level of spiciness. The menu also has vegetarian dishes.

What to try?

Samosa (traditional Indian pies)

Chicken vindaloo (chicken with sauce, that is made in Goa)

Matan mint (pieces of lamb in a sauce with spinach and mint)

Curry prawns (fried prawns in curry sauce)

Tandoori roti (traditional Indian bread)

Masala tea

Contacts, map: Kiev, Krasnoarmeyskaya str. 80

Restaurant and bar “Himalayas” will give You lots of fun and enjoyment. The renovated interior is dominated with traditional colors of India: crimson and orange, and completely unique in its kind. At the entrance to the restaurant You are met by the God Ganesha, who is the patron and a powerful symbol of good fortune, the giver of wisdom and removes obstacles. Read more

Chinese cuisine:

A Chinese restaurant Bruce Lee

The interior of the restaurant is very authentic, the furniture mostly made from bamboo, the walls are covered with portraits of Bruce Lee, and the TV spun films with the participation of the legendary actor. As for the cuisine, to surprise, there will be chefs from China who are experts in the preparation of these Chinese food. The restaurant also has a convenient delivery service.

What to try?

Salad of Vietnamese pigs ears

Peking duck

Pork with fish flavor

Fish “protein” with sweet and sour sauce

Bamboo shoots sauteed with mushrooms Guangdong

Fried milk

Contacts, map: Kiev, Gorkogo str., 3

Chinese restaurant Bruce Lee is and excellent home cooking in Chinese, and virtuoso recipes of specialities. We – affordable prices and delicious, fresh food, which lends itself to rapid thermal processing (eg, instant frying wok), and retains all the useful minerals of meals. Our chef is hereditary. Read more

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