Thailand: exotic dishes

The taste of Thai food varies greatly depending on the region where they are prepared. The food of the North-East of the country never contains coconut milk, but it has a very pungent smell and taste. Residents of the South put in priority the consumption of raw seafood and vegetables.

Rice in Thailand, as in many Eastern countries, is a very common culture. For food use many types of rice: round, elongated, brown, adhesive and many others. What is interesting here rarely use the knife, though, and actively use forks and spoons. This is because and vegetables, and meat, chicken and fish dishes, served together with rice, crushed very badly while cooking. In addition, people often come up with different soups.

Tourists who want to taste exotic dishes, often choose a dish “Yam kung”. This shrimp soup in coconut milk with spices, with a bright sour-spicy taste. It will be interesting to try and “IRTs”. This spicy papaya salad, and crab served with sticky rice. Unusual that is it should hands, rolling the rice into cakes. Among the local population popular is the rice with seafood and plenty of spices, called “Khao PA kun”. Generally, seafood is very popular in Thailand, especially in the southern part, washed by the sea. Here is almost everything budaplast very sharp. This is because in the heat of the products are very perishable. To keep them fresh, and the Thai people use so many spices. Northern cuisine is more mild. The basis is glutinous rice, to which are added other products.

The most popular Thai dessert, of course, are the fruit. Thailand abounds with exotic, able to surprise anyone. One of the most popular fruits is the mangosteen or Mongkut. It’s rind has an unusual dark purple color. Of the most rare fruit found only in Thailand, it is worth noting Sapodilla or lamuda, more like a kiwi. Coconut Thai called “mA-Prao”. Genuine surprise them is the fact that the majority of visitors does not eat the coconut meat. They are widely used in daily life: cooking oil, eat the flesh etc. I wonder what the Thai people do not take advantage of familiar to us vegetable oils and animal fats. For dishes used water and the juice secreted by vegetables and seafood. But except the fruit, Thailand can offer other desserts. You can try “onion Shoop” is a cake that is baked beans and coconut milk and decorated with different berries.

For visitors it will be interesting to try rambutan (NGO). He will attract the attention not only delicate taste of white pulp, and appearance. Rambutan – the hairy fruit, reminiscent of plum. Longan (Lam-Yai) is the fruit of hard skin that resembles small balls. Those who were in Southeast Asia are already familiar with durian. In Thailand, it is also popular. Durian is very nutritious and reminiscent of sweet cream. And smaller spikes than the Durian, has Jackfruit (eve). Strong odor and attracts and repels at the same time. Inside green fruit studded with red seeds. Closer to the Europeans will be Chom PU. It’s a local Apple, very reminiscent of familiar to us.

The fruit is very popular in Thailand. The locals even hold festivals and carnivals on some of them. For example, in the middle of the spring is carried out in Chachoengsao Thailand’s largest carnival, devoted to mango. May pass under the sign of the “Miss southern Thailand” Songkhla. At the same time is a large fair fruit. In the summer of Thais hold a major exhibition of fruits in Chanthaburi. Here the main attention is attracted to the durian. And September a procession of boats full of fruits and flowers, near Bangkok in Nakhon Athome means tribute to this fruit, like pomelo.

Fans of alcohol in Thailand will offer a drink, reminiscent of Japanese sake. This is also a rice wine, however, it is called “Nam Khao”. Her strength is not more than 20°.

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