Salads with chips

Once upon a time, more than 150 years ago, potato chips were the snack, designed exclusively for high society. Chips at that time were on the menu for the most expensive restaurants in America. It is in the USA appeared first on potato chips.

In our country the chips were made relatively recently, in the 60-ies of the last century. They were called crispy potato slices.

In General, chips are prepared according to two main technologies. In classical variant the potatoes washed, cleaned and cut into thin slices which are then fried in deep fat. A more modern way of cooking is that the potato pre-make mashed potatoes, which then form future chips.

Such a product can be easily cooked at home. It is desirable to have a special grater to get thin slices of potato. A significant disadvantage of home cooking, and indeed manufacturing, is prolonged exposure to hot vegetable oil is formed on the slices of potato carcinogens that is very harmful for the body.

Potato chips — a favorite of many, especially children, snack. But do not forget that in the process of making chips, namely their frying in vegetable oil, the formation of harmful substances such as acrylamide free, cancerogene and TRANS fatty acids. So do not fall in love with the use of this product.

Without any cooking oil you can cook chips in the microwave. The potato is cut into thin slices, washed to remove excess starch, dried with a towel. Send the prepared potatoes into the microwave for 5-8 minutes. The chips in the microwave oven will turn out less harmful, because in the process of such preparation is not present in the oil.

Chips is a standalone product, but it can be added to different dishes such as in salads. And chips and blend well with meat products, and vegetable. In salads with chips add chicken meat that may be boiled or smoked, beef, mushrooms, eggs, corn or seafood. Great snack — salad from fresh vegetables with addition of chips. The crispy potatoes give the dish a special flavor and zest that makes the salad taste more vivid and saturated.

Salad with chips, chicken and cheese

From simple ingredients very quickly obtained an excellent and tasty snack, which is quite suitable for the festive table. The chips give the salad an unusual and original taste. Add the salad, the chips should last, just before serving, so they do not lose their crunchy texture.


Potato chips — 160 g (better with sour cream, a large package);

Chicken — 500 g;

Garlic — 5 cloves;

Mayonnaise — 100 g;



Cheese — 300 g

Method of preparation:

Pre-boil washed chicken (fillet).

The cooked meat is separated from bones, cut into small pieces.

Garlic grind in the frog, greens finely shinkuem (choose to taste parsley, dill or green onions).

Cheese (better to take durum) grate.

Chips with sour cream (with herbs) mash right in the package.

Combine crushed chips with chicken and cheese. Mix thoroughly. Add the garlic, pepper and herbs. Again mix.

Add mayonnaise to the salad and put it on a flat dish, gently giving the shape of a small hill. Sprinkle crushed potato chips.

Top the salad you can decorate olives and whole chips.

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Salad with chips, corn and fresh vegetables

This salad turns out very juicy, tender and tasty. To make it simple and thanks to its attractive appearance, this salad will become a real decoration of the festive table. Crimean onion gives the snack a spicy pungency and sweet taste.


Potato chips — 100 grams (ordinary classical);

Corn — 1 Bank;

Fresh tomato — 1 PC.;

Crab sticks — 100 g (fresh or frozen);

White cabbage — 0,5 PCs;

Mayonnaise — 3 tablespoons;

Parsley — 1 bunch;

Onion — 1 PC.

Method of preparation:

Thawed crab sticks at room temperature. Exempt from foil and cut into small pieces.

Wash the cabbage shinkuem thin strips.

Crimean onion cut into small squares.

The liquid from the drained corn.

Tomato cut in small cubes.

Wash them under running water greens and finely chop.

Without removing the packaging from the chips, shred them. The pieces should be of small size.

Put all the prepared ingredients in a container, stir, add a little pepper.

Prior to the salad at the table, dressed it with mayonnaise, decorate with greens of parsley.

Tasty salad with crab chips

To make this salad very quickly: all the ingredients used for the preparation of snacks, is ready, need only to boil eggs. Crab sticks in the dish if you wish, you can substitute boiled shrimp or real crab meat.


Potato chips 180g (selected with taste of crab);

Eggs — 4 pieces;

Crab sticks — 100 g;

Canned corn — 1 Bank;

Mayonnaise — 3 tablespoons;

Black pepper;

Green onions — 50 g.

Method of preparation:

Boil eggs in water for 10 minutes. Let cool, RUB on a small grater.

Crab sticks thawed, cut into small cubes.

My green onions, finely shinkuem.

Crab chips is cut, without removing it from the packaging.

Drained cans of corn liquid and put into a separate container.

Mix all the ingredients. Mix thoroughly, add pepper and mayonnaise.

Before serving the salad liberally sprinkle the crushed chips.

Now you know how to cook salad with chips. Bon appetit!

Salads with potato chips — quick and easy to prepare snacks. However, some recommendations will not be superfluous:

Chips must be added to the finished salad before podaci on the table. Otherwise the chips will cease to be crispy and the dish will lose its piquancy.

Crab sticks in salads can be replaced with crab meat, shrimp with finely chopped dill.

Boiled chicken in a salad, where there is this ingredient, you can substitute smoked chicken will be more juicy.

You can experiment and add to salads chips with different fillings, thereby changing the taste of the dish.

The chips can be made at home, which will be more useful purchase. Potatoes cut in thin slices, or rubbed on a special grater and fry in deep fat. The best option is to prepare homemade chips in a deep fryer.

Instead of mayonnaise in salads you can put sour cream or natural yoghurt — so the meal would be less calories.

Try using instead white cabbage Peking salad will be more tender.

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