Salad “the Bride”

Salad “the Bride” in our family came long ago. All my guests, especially those who follow the figure, I love it. I do it even during Lent, mayonnaise substitute low fat yogurt, and the eggs are put. Always cook two large meals. Have never stayed!

Can be prepared in different ways, I’ll tell you about one.

In order that the dish was not fresh, but reduce calories, I always mayonnaise diluted with low-calorie sour cream or yogurt, and for friends and for myself at all seasoned with a sauce of curdled milk or natural yogurt, which is prepared from yeast and skim milk. Any of the above dairy products are mixed with small amounts salt, ground black pepper and dried Basil. Should be stirred until then, until the salt has dissolved completely, and spices won’t give the sauce its flavors.

Preparing the salad in layers. So you need all the products to boil and clean the shell (eggs), peel (onion) and peel (vegetables). Apples should be washed under running water and remove from core.

The potatoes will be the bottom layer, so it is necessary to thoroughly impregnate the sauce. I scrubbed the whole boiled potatoes, peel and mix in a salad bowl, immediately spread on a dish, as kartofeleny quickly absorbs the sauce and becomes cleannow mass. If you are cooking for men, try the sauce, it should be well salted, as the vegetables cook not podsalivaya water. Put the potatoes, try to keep to the side of the dish stayed the distance, otherwise the top layer will droop with meals.

The second layer put the finely chopped onion. Here it is necessary to know the measure. If you put little onions – the salad will be fresh, if too much will be openly onion. It is better not to report than to shift. And try the onion chop very finely, because when the onion gets too large, it seems that other products generally in the salad was not only one of raw onion))!

The next layer is rubbed on a coarse grater apples. The apples any way you want: sour, sweet, sour-sweet. I like Semerenko, but most importantly is that they were cleansed from the rind and seeds. Grate them just before putting on the dish. otherwise the apples darken and lose their aesthetic appearance. Once the apples are laid on the dish, be sure to pour the sauce. Though Apple and juicy, but don’t forget that salt and spices are the sauce.

The next layer is the beet. The beets need to grate and mix with sauce and potatoes. And only after mixing with the sauce put on the dish. Beet needs in the form of a dome to close all the previous layers. You can first grate, to distribute in the form of a dome on the dish and then pour the sauce. Here it is, as your heart desires.

Do not forget that the edge layers do not add up to the salad in the final did not fall meals.

Carrot RUB on a coarse grater and mix with the sauce, spread on a dish, trying as carefully as possible to cover the beetroot, otherwise it (beets), your “pink vykladyvaniya” maybe we spoil the outer layer.

Now for the boiled eggs. They must grate on a coarse grater and mix with sauce, put on the carrots. And you can first eggs to be spread evenly over the carrots, and then pour the sauce.

Cover the sauce evenly to coat as best you can soaked.

It was the turn of “bridesmaid dresses”, this role goes to the cheese. I usually use cheese “Russian”, but it is not essential, and Pitaka and cheese, it all depends on your eating habits. Cheese should be enough to ensure that it is tightly covered all the other layers of salad, and there were no splashes on white.

Cover the cheese sauce and leave to soak in a cool place for at least an hour.

I usually leave for about three hours, then soaked salad is excellent and just melts in your mouth.

Very appropriate to cook in the fall when all the vegetables from your garden and you can be sure that they do not have nitrates and nasties, which can stuff the vegetables that they grew larger and yielded more profits.

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