Salad recipe beef tongue for the guests and relatives

Salad with beef tongue — the recipe is versatile, low-calorie, fast and very tasty!

Hey, cooks!

Once you looked at the page with the recipe of salad from beef tongue, I recommend you to make this superb salad is exactly my recipe.

Generally, in salads, you can improvise as your heart desires and your own taste. I came to the conclusion that a good delicious salad should consist of 3-4 components, in rare cases a maximum of 5. If more components, this is the dump of the products on the plate.

Ingredients for salad with boiled beef tongue

Boiled beef tongue — 400 g Cucumbers — 300 g tinned Peas — 250 g

Eggs — 4 PCs

The number of products can be varied, and the language can be used not only beef, but also pork. Although beef tongue is tastier.

The recipe for the salad with beef tongue

Beef or pork tongue boil in salted water until tender but do not overcook it. If you digest language, it will fall apart and sliced to look sloppy.

Slice boiled tongue is best when he has cooled down after cooking.

Next slice fresh cucumbers. Cucumbers and cut into same language I — or cubes, or cubes.

Add canned peas, pre-drain the liquid from the jar and chopped hard-boiled eggs.

Now just mix all the ingredients well and season.

Season the salad with boiled tongue, you can taste the sour cream, mayonnaise, either a homemade white sauce based on sour cream or mayonnaise.

Before serving the salad put into serving dish, garnish with greens and sprinkle with the freshly ground mixture of peppers — a few for spice.

Calorie quick low-calorie salad of beef tongue 100 grams (without sauce) = 103 kcal

Protein — 9 g

Fat — 6.5 g

Carbohydrates — 2.3 g

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cook for your family, spoil them with delicious food — it’s nice when eat with pleasure. Explore the pages of my culinary blog, there are a lot of interesting things.

I’m sure this dish as a salad with a language that will appear on your holidays or just the dining table. And even better, if you write it in your culinary Notepad.

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