Quick cold appetizers!

But unexpected guests don’t have to feed to satiety, to warm gatherings is fine light menu of cold snacks and sweet tea. I want to tell you about how quick and beautiful meals you can cook, spending the least time. I promise, it will turn out delicious!

From any large piece of cooked meat will make a great savory rolls with cheese . The fit and fillet of veal, and ham, and smoked pork loin. The meat is sliced more thinly sliced. For the filling mix grated cheese with garlic and mayonnaise or sour cream. Wrap the filling in pieces of meat and pinned with cocktail sticks for canape or plain toothpicks. The food is ready!

If you have smoked, grilled or even boiled chicken and in the refrigerator lying around the Bank of canned pineapple, you can prepare canapés . For this special skewers or toothpicks alternately strung with small pieces of pineapple, cubes of cheese and pieces of chicken. The main drawback of this snack that it is eaten very quickly, so you’ll have to cook something else.

You can surprise your guests with stuffed tomatoes . Despite the fact that this snack looks just gorgeous, she is prepared very quickly. Choose small tomatoes, cut them verhushki carefully remove located inside the pulp with seeds and juice. For the filling: mix peeled and cut into thin julienne Apple, some garlic, grated cheese and little pieces of bacon or smoked chicken. Season with mayonnaise and stuff with this mixture of tomatoes. Very tasty snack!

You can also prepare sandwiches . For example, with meat and onions. Cut onions into thin rings and scald with boiling water, it will lose its bitterness and become very tender. Mix the onion with the finely chopped boiled beef and season with mayonnaise. Put it on toasted pieces of white bread – and the food is ready!

If the refrigerator is the Bank’s herring and pickled cucumbers, and of these products to make delicious sandwiches. For these sandwiches is better suited Borodinsky bread, cut into small squares. Slices of bread smeared with mustard, put on top a piece of herring and a couple of slices of pickled cucumbers. An interesting observation is the smaller size out sandwiches, so they seem to be tastier and, accordingly, quickly devoured.

For special occasions or just for get-togethers with friends I often cook cucumber boats with smoked salmon . This snack is very quick to prepare, so in our case, and this recipe might come in handy. Slice cucumber roundels, and salted salmon or trout in small pieces. Cucumber cheese spread or cream cheese, like Philadelphia or Almette. On top put the pieces of fish and decorate with a small sprig of parsley or dill.

In case of unexpected guests, do not forget about such simple foods like chicken or quail eggs. They are very quickly cooked, and on their basis it is possible to prepare a variety of delicious and beautiful appetizers. For example, stuffed eggs . As a filling you can use grated cheese with garlic, canned sprats or sardines and greens. Quail eggs as a snack, of course, best served with red caviar.

I never loved when guests came so unexpectedly, without invitation, warning of his visit only a few minutes or no warning at all. But now even a surprise visit beloved friends or close relatives caught me off guard, because I always have some simple and quick recipes in this case. I hope they will be useful to you.

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