Most expensive cocktails

Martini Truffle – $ 100.

It offers London hotel Rocco Forte’s Browns Hotel. The cocktail consists of chocolate liqueur, Martini, and its highlight is the truffle, soaked in vodka for two days.

Ritz Sidecar – 515 dollars.

This cocktail is still served in the bar “Hemingway” Paris hotel “Ritz”. Why “yet”? Because of its composition, except for the liqueur Cointreau and lemon juice, is a very rare cognac “1830 Ritz Reserve”, which in the world there are only a few bottles. The uniqueness of this brandy gives a variety of grapes, the berries of which were collected in France in the 60-ies of the XIX century until the invasion of phylloxera, which destroyed many vineyards.

Magie Noir – $ 550.

The Foundation of this delicious cocktail Hennessy cognac, Dom Perignon champagne and BlackBerry cream liqueur Creme deMure. He served in the London club Umbaba. The cocktail was invented by bartender Gila Andre who was inspired by regular visitors to club the young bankers, who one day was bored to celebrate their award the traditional bottle of Cristal. And that cocktail was even more spicy, add the lemon juice, the pulp of fruits of litchi and a special extract from the bark africanigeria Yohimbe is a natural aphrodisiac. This masterpiece is served in a crystal glass, with a straw, which is made of 24-carat white gold by jeweler designs Tom Binns.

High Roller Martini – $ 1,000

This cocktail can be enjoyed in the restaurant of Las Vegas Capital Grille. Its value is affected not unique components or taste. The fact is that, firstly, a half of the sum of the cost goes to charity and help starving people, and secondly, each cocktail is served with a ring with small diamonds, put on the tube.

Kentucky Derby”s Special Mint Julep – $ 1000.

In the USA at the annual Kentucky Derby horse race offers a signature cocktail consisting of brandy, water, sugar, ice and mint. Yes, so simple, but the class of a cocktail is determined by the high quality of all its components. So, here is used vintage whiskey Woodford Reserv, mint leaves specially delivered from Ireland, sugar from Australia and ice, characterized by its purity – from the Bavarian Alps. Served in cocktail glasses with gold and with silver tubes.

Mai Tam – $ 1400.

This cocktail is served in a five star hotel Merchant Hotel. It is based on a rare Jamaican rum (of which there are not more than 6 bottles in the world). The owners say that this bottle is stored in a local wine cellar under heavy guard.

Platinum Passion – $ 1,500.

This is probably the most exotic drinks in this list. To taste it in new York Duvet restaurant Lounge. In the composition of the cocktail collection cognac L’esprit de Courvoisier and elite French champagne Ruinart. Exotic taste gives the drink a passion fruit syrup, fresh lemon juice, wild honey and berries, and cane sugar, a special style is fresh orchids, which adorn the glass.

Sapphire Martini – $ 3,000.

This drink offers a restaurant Mezz at Foxwoods Resort casino (Connecticut). It consists of London dry gin, Bombay Sapphire, Blue Curacao liqueur and a few drops of dry vermouth. The appearance of the cocktail also claims to be a work of art: it is served in a designer glass, the rim of which is covered with blue sugar, and banal substitutes for olive silver pin with small earrings, blue sapphires framed with platinum.

Diamond Cocktail – $ 4350.

London is served in the Piano bar. The group consists of super-elite cognac Remy Martin Louis XII, which in itself is worth $ 2,000 a bottle of vintage champagne Charles Heidsieck Vintage 2001. Besides, the bartender will add three drops of bitters (balm), put a piece of sugar ukrasit the glass with a diamond, the magnitude of which will depend on the final price of the drink, the maximum price which may be up to 9000 dollars.

Martini On The Rock – $ 10,000.

To eat this the most expensive cocktail in the hotel bar at the historic Algonquin Hotel (new York). Its recipe is quite simple: in a glass with a cold classic Martini to the bottom put the diamond in one and a half carats. In this case, order a drink beforehand, but a diamond for your cocktail ordering can choose their own. It is believed that this cocktail is just perfect to quench your thirst.

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