Meat dishes recipes

Meat is very important in human life. It is a complete proteins, fats, vitamins a, group b, D, PP, and minerals calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, extractive substances.

Seals cheap, tasty and unusual

This page will introduce You to the recipe and the cooking of such meat dishes as seals. In the recipe seals are pretty cheap meat products, and they look very presentable and tasty.

Recipe Salnikov

Heart 1 PCs.

light about 1 kg.

the liver is about 1 kg.

fat 0.5 kg.

onion 2-3 PCs.

salt, pepper to taste

fat grid (pig meat net, which can be purchased on the market or butcher)

The composition of this dish is the fat and adipose mesh, which we will quote our glands. Hence the name of the dish seals.

Chicken roll with cheese or a chicken Kiev

The page where step by step, with Photos, describes the preparation of chicken roll with cheese, something resembling a chicken Kiev. Also on the page you can see the Photo step-by-step cooking and see how it will look in the finished dish.

Recipe of chicken roll with cheese in Kiev:

Chicken fillet 2 PCs.

cheese solid100 gr.

butter 60 gr.

dill 1 bunch

egg 1-2 PCs

breadcrumbs 1 pack

salt, pepper to taste

vegetable oil

Meat rolls stuffed with prunes and nuts

Meat in the rolls is better to choose veal or pork and the stuffing of prunes and nuts will add to our rolls spicy touch. This dish is called fingers with prunes.

The recipe for meat rolls stuffed with prunes and nuts:

Meat (pork), 0.5 kg.

prunes 3-5 PCs.

walnuts 50 gr.

fat unsalted 50 grams.

salt, pepper to taste

vegetable oil for frying

Chicken rolls stuffed with pears and cheese

Chicken rolls with pear and cheese, preparing of chicken. In addition, this simple preparing a meat dish as a bonus You will receive the sauce, on which unnecessary labor, he had prepared himself.

Recipe chicken rolls with pear and cheese:

chicken 3 PCs.

pear 2 PCs.

hard cheese 50-100 gr.

salt, pepper to taste

dry white wine 200 ml.

butter 30 gr.

flour 50 gr.

vegetable oil 50-100ml.

Cooking chicken with tomatoes and cheese.

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