Meat cooking

Meat and meat products is a very important part of the daily diet of a healthy person. Especially when it comes to young, growing body, who desperately needed meat . More precisely, the abundance of proteins in them available. And it is completely optional, what exactly is on the table: potatoes with meat or a salad with meat, meat with mushrooms or meat in the pot. meat stewed or fried meat, baked meat or boiled meat. That is, it is, of course, necessary, but only from the standpoint of taste buds. For the whole body important proteins contained in meat, so the meat should be correct from the point of view of cooking.

Know how to cook a fillet of beef piece? You need to cut all the veins and veinlets.

Meat is delicious, plentiful, varied (and filet among them takes a special place). They are available in any national cuisine, ranging from French cuisine to some Finnish food. In all of these dishes includes different sorts of meat: beef. pork, lamb, veal. poultry meat, meat of wild animals and all derived from these.

All meat dishes, usually very high in calories and very nutritious. One good piece of steak a day can replace five boxes of muesli. Moreover, without much effort (and money in imagewidget almost the same thing). By the way, meat dishes with Photos no less appetizing than their “real” counterparts.

By the way, in one of the restaurants of Riga in the menu listed a dish called “Boris Godunov”. Ordering all the waiters bring the meat from the blood – a sort of joke from the staff. Well, well, what the dish is called “Malyuta Skuratov”, and instead of meat with blood the waiters do not bring the head of the murdered non-loyal subjects of the Russian Royal court. What? Also the second dishes from meat, even a few “bloody” and strange names.

With what and how to cook meat?

The most famous meat dish in all territory of Russia, as well as all of the States formerly part of the USSR, is undoubtedly the meat in French. In other families this meat dish has become an integral part of the festive table. A little more, and meat in French will catch up on the popularity of the famous Olivier salad.

On our website you can find a variety of meat dishes with Photos . And also learn about what can be cooked from fillet.

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