Liquid chestnut recipe cooking exotic dishes

Stylish novelty in the field of weight loss and natural cosmetology has led the confusion of many medical researchers that their experiments confirmed the positive effect of an exotic product on the human body.

With regular daily use of supplements liquid chestnut had achieved the following indicators:

Acceleration of metabolic processes that have contributed to the consumption and breakdown of fatty tissues;

Increased physical endurance, and strengthen the immune system. High prevention of seasonal diseases;

Appetite suppression and as a consequence — a smaller amount of food intake that contributed to the weight loss and “deceptive” the saturation of the body;

The removal of waste, toxins and other harmful substances;

Was a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

To achieve such results and not to harm your health, you need to use the Supplement, soaking dosage and observing different ways of cooking exotic dishes for health and slimming the body.

The use of liquid chestnut in daily diet

This tool comes in the form of a brown powder diluted liquid within acceptable proportions. Allowed to consume no more than 1 tsp of this substance. Accordingly, You can cook various dishes, even the most mundane, and there protagonist known ingredient.

Recipe № 1.

Oatmeal for Breakfast. Zaparivat Cup of cereal boiled with water or milk, add salt and sugar to taste, a knob of butter and 1 tsp. of liquid chestnut.

To lose weight, make oatmeal in water without salt and eaten the whole batch for Breakfast with a Cup of unsweetened green tea.

Recipe № 2.

Braised vegetables with mushrooms for lunch. Make vegetable slicing, equal proportions of carrot, cabbage, eggplant, add the mushrooms and a little green. At the end of the sautéing mix all the ingredients with 1 tsp additives. Control the amount of salt and oil. Serve cooled, to flavor a teaspoon of sour cream would be good.

Recipe № 3.

Dietary pancakes for dinner. Do the composition on serum or water. Adding supplements and bake in the oven without oil inclusions. Tasty and healthy.

Recipe № 4.

Fruit smoothies. Beat with a blender fresh fruit: peach, Apple, orange, kiwi, added supplements and eaten for Breakfast or dinner such a delicious and healthy drink.

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