Korean recipes salads

Nowadays, many people are interested in different exotic cuisines. Surprise guests became fashionable tradition, like make a salad of pork tongue. But today I want to tell You about Korean cuisine, which has become very popular. Korean cuisine is good that all products are accessible and affordable.

For You today the recipe Korean salads. Try for yourself and treat friends!

To prepare salad recipes, you need to get a special grater. A peeler will slice vegetables with a special straw. Need Korean salt (glutamat sodium) soy sauce. To buy these products is not a problem.

For salad recipes will fit the following vegetables: carrot, cabbage, beetroot, radish. As you can see, no exotic vegetables we do not need. That’s probably why we all loved the kitchen of the distant country of Korea.

The technology of preparation of Korean salads in principle the same for all vegetables.

Recipes salad with Korean carrot

First we will prepare the recipes of salads with carrots.

3-4 carrots (about 200 grams) and cleaned my. Grated carrots shinkuem in cooked dishes. You will have to get long and thin straw. Add a little common salt and a spoon of glutamate sodium. Carrots kneaded like dough, it should let the juice. Being abandoned for a while, let them stand up and give juice.Who likes can add a little vinegar.

And I poured on the pan 150-200 grams of vegetable oil without smell. The oil is heated, at this time, peel the onions and shred it. Throw in hot oil with red pepper and after 30 seconds chopped onion.

Carrot squeeze of juice, and shift into another bowl.

Once browned onions, poured with boiling oil over the carrots, mix. Add pressed garlic and a tablespoon of soy sauce. Koreans love to add sesame seed.

More versions of recipes of salads with carrots.

1 kg of carrots grate, add 4 tablespoons of vinegar, about 5 cups vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, 3 tablespoons of sugar, a large head of garlic, a little ground coriander. Garlic skip through the pre-chesnokodavku.

Grate on a special grater carrots, add salt, add a little vinegar, marinade for a few hours, drain off excess juice. Fry onion in oil until dark Golden brown, the bow emitted. Immediately pour hot oil carrots, add grated garlic, ground red pepper, ground coriander.

Heh Korean

In Korean cuisine many dishes are prepared the same way. If prescription to the carrots add the fish, it will be called “heh.”

Hye suitable for fresh or fresh frozen fish. You can take herring, squid, and even red fish. The fish are thawed, cleaned up the insides, cut off the tail and head. Along the spine make an incision on the back. Detachable fillet from the rib bones and backbone. You will get 2 flap with fillet.

Fillet cut into pieces, put in saucepan, add black pepper, salt and pour vinegar. Fish fillets should not lie less than an hour, the vinegar needs to soak the meat completely. Should get solid pieces of fish. Fish should not have a taste of raw fish. The taste it needs to be marinated and lightly sour-salty. If you use a red fish, the flesh should turn white.

With fish drain off all the marinade, and mix with cooked carrots.

Cabbage salad Korean

Take the cabbage, not my it. For three days soaked in a strong brine, after washed it from dirt in the same brine.

Now begin to prepare fresh brine, which make weaker, the cabbage is already salty. To the brine add spicy and pepper, garlic. In the brine, put the cabbage, put under pressure for a few days. The finished cabbage should have dark green, in brine should not be bubbles. If bubbles exist, the cabbage isn’t cooked.

All the spices in recipes are added according to Your taste and discretion, so as someone who likes sharp, and someone with acute dislike. Here you can take a big flight of fancy.

Each hostess your recipe Korean salads. I have videorecipe. Let’s see how to cook salad recipe.

I wish all of You delicious recipes and good cheer to Your kitchen! Offer to try to cook salad with canned red beans. in our family, this dish is popular.

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