Kitchen Australia

Australian cuisine is very unusual and diverse. Her dishes range from sandwiches and meat pies to exotic dishes such as kangaroo fillet. The beginning of her flourished in the 90-ies of the 20th century. At this time in all big cities of Australia opened numerous restaurants.

The modern kitchen have combined their culinary preferences and traditions. Australia is famous for exotic fruits, cheese and sea products, meat lambs and bulls. In the preparation of Australian meals often use lemon grass and cardamom, chilli and coriander. In addition to cuisine characterized by the use of exotic seafood like balmain bugs (similar to lobster), shark lips.

In the menu, restaurants often use new local vegetarian dishes: wild Rozel and Kakadu plum, riberries and bunya nuts. Also there are new ingredients: the fry of eels, witchetty grubs, freshwater yabbies, meat, possum and crocodile. The best dishes of modern Australian cuisine – roasted pear with corn flour, marinated fillet of beef with curry-with a thick spinach sauce with beets. Now Australian cuisine is actively developing and trying to become the first in the world!

Australian cuisine is considered one of the most exotic in the world. Its active development nachlasse so long ago, only in the 90-ies of the 20th century, but still there is meals recognized as traditional for the past several decades.

Vegemite is the traditional Australian dishes cooked for the first time in 1922 by Fred Walker. For cooking you need to mix yeast extract with salt, onion and celery. In the end, should be formed a dense dark mass, which can be used as a finished dish or spread on bread.

In our day the restaurants offer cuisine “bush tucker” (cooked over charcoal) is a traditional food of the aborigines, which is used for local fruits and baked meat. The most interesting dishes of the series – tea pot, soup from the bull, fried in elastic grid entirely, Burawoy (nut), mango.

Sweet traditional biscuits are considered a Lamington, and Arnott. Lamington – sponge cake with chocolate Fudge and sprinkled with coconut crumb, and the fillings can sometimes use whipped cream. Biscuits Arnott was first produced in 1865, and they now deliver to 40 countries! These biscuits have long been part of Australian cuisine, culture and even history.

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