How to make tasty salads without mayonnaise

Accustomed to Olivier and dressed herring, crab salads? But they all dressed with mayonnaise. Hard on the stomach. Because among our readers a large number of people, counting calories offered on their court recipes of delicious salads without mayonnaise. Each of them is tested and accepted by the honest company.

Let’s start from easy to hard and in season.

Salad “Vitamin”

The strength to make any hostess. Source of vitamins. Thinly-thin shinkuem fresh cabbage — or cabbage, or red cabbage. Lightly sprinkle with salt and clean hands neatly folding the cabbage, so she gave juice. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze some juice. Add the olive oil, sprinkle with cumin. If sour-salty taste is not your favorite — add a little sugar. All! Have greens — chop or twig cover. If you don’t have cumin — add the peeled roasted sunflower seeds or pumpkin and green onions. Tasty and healthy.

Salad “Junk”

Don’t know why the salad its name, but the taste is very unusual. Salad from fresh cucumbers. It is clear that in the spring greenhouse cucumbers. But even this disadvantage can be improved in such a creative salad. First, each young cucumber peel, finely shinkuem straws and sprinkle with salt to taste. Allow to stand for. The cucumbers gave the juice —squeezing gently. While they have insisted we prepared the sauce for the fill. Half a Cup of low-fat sour cream, juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of fresh dill, half a teaspoon of powdered sugar. Try. Not enough salt — salt. Pour cucumber shavings, sprinkle ground black pepper sparsely — and in the fridge for half an hour. Lay the table, call relatives. All prepared with soul and beloved ones, will resonate in their hearts. and healthy stomachs.

Quick salad “Lobio”

The name of this salad is because it contains practically the same ingredients as in the famous dish of Georgian cuisine. Only this so-called light version. The speed of cooking, we will provide a Bank of red beans in its own juice. Or on the eve of the boiled beans. So, beans from a can rinse slightly, drain off the liquid. Peeled walnuts finely chop or grind. The coriander or dill shinkuem, garlic — grind in the frog. Mix all the ingredients. Sol. Pepper. Vegetable oil. Better olive. Very hearty and healthy salad.

Salad with pineapple

Light and fresh salad. Pineapple compote or fresh slices, celery chunks or cubes. Refill — wine or balsamic vinegar (quite a bit), vegetable oil, salt and sugar. Add in sugar if the pineapple alive, not out of a can. Very beautiful this salad looks on a large plate covered with lettuce leaves or Chinese cabbage and decorated with slices of boiled beets. In the mid — hill pineapple-celery salad.

Salad “Sunny”

Fun’s the name of that salad. It is beautiful and delicate. This spring salad to set the mood.

Simple to prepare and very tasty! Need a bright juicy carrot, new crop best. Raisins. Any nuts (I’m done with pine). One orange, one small grapefruit. Caraway or sesame seed. With sesame seeds I like more. All peel, carrot grate on a coarse grater. Orange and grapefruit parsed into slices, remove the film. Cut into pieces. Dressing — lemon juice, balsamic vinegar (little), a little sugar, juice of orange and grapefruit and a drop of olive oil. Your spring still life ready!

Next a salad without mayonnaise is pretty expensive, but sometimes you want to pamper your favorite delights.

Salad from Yulia Vysotskaya

Leaf lettuce is very thoroughly rinsed. I put any greens in running water for 20-30 minutes. Salad disassembled into leaves, rinsed again, that was not sand. Torn into pieces, lay in a dish. Peeled firm pears cut into thin slices. To add to the salad. There crumbled Roquefort cheese — 150-200 grams. Walnuts fried in honey. Give them the opportunity to sacramentarians. Sauce — four tablespoons of olive oil beaten with the juice of half a lemon. Pour this sauce salad, top with caramel nuts. The combination of Roquefort cheese and pears gives amazing taste. Generously and elegantly.

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