How to make a quick and tasty salad

In earlier times, the salads were preparing for the holidays and in the summer, during the ripening of vegetables. Nowadays, the salad was the dish almost daily that became possible due to the large variety of products and “all-season” vegetables and fruits.

However, in our country, is still divided into summer and winter salads. Salad recipes, variety and from all over the world will find. Summer salads are lighter, since they are based on low-calorie vegetables. Winter salads, potatoes, cabbage and beets, that is, what applies to “long-playing” vegetables, is able to survive until the next harvest. Yes, and climate contributes to the fact that in cold weather our bodies need a more dense and nutritious food, to which tomatoes and cucumbers are not. Agree that in minus twenty, the hash does not want to eat, and thoughts about the herring under a fur coat, cause severe salivation.

If the older generation of our citizens salads are associated primarily with vegetables, the young people refers to this concept any mix of products. Who, thirty years ago could have imagined the presence of salad of rice or pasta. The stereotype was broken with the appearance of salad with crab sticks, that is a combination of rice, corn, cucumber and crab sticks, plentifully impregnated with mayonnaise. The dish tasted, appreciated and loved.And, this salad became the “forerunner” of all other novelties, and it raised a lot of experimenting with the ingredients to the salad class no one took.

In our days, things went so far that there is a new prescription the direction of limiting the number of ingredients for salads. An ideal quantity is considered a maximum of six components of the salad, except the dressing. For example the “food weirdos” manage the dressing and add dozens of components. But, we will focus on six components perfect for any salad. It’s greens, vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts and fruit. However, regarding the fruit, many argue, although “green Apple” was added to the salad still the heroes of “Office romance”.

A new taste of usual products can give greens, especially because these days it so much. To familiar and favorite dill and parsley added a different sorts of green salads, Eastern and southern grass, and not to mention, almost folk arugula. Excuses that this is not in your stores don’t sell, this is an excuse for the poor because seeds are everywhere, like the window sills. To grow vegetables even just “noprobe”, maybe everyone, that is, without leaving home. And let the old recipes of salads will sparkle with new taste. Bon appetit.

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