How to grow the most expensive fruit in the world

In one of the supermarkets in Nanjing, capital of East China’s Jiangsu province, on sale giant Apple worth £664. According to the supermarket staff, the Apple. weighing 1.2 kg, was delivered to him from Japan.

In addition, fancy Apple on the front is a Buddha image. This effect was achieved by wrapping the growing Apple package with the image of Buddha, and some time later the sunlight turned the image on the Apple .

However, it turned out that those who want to buy this giant is not a lot, because this particular sample is likely to lie on the counter in the past two months.

But, according to the expert, Oliver Wilkins, the head of the branch dealing with fruits, vegetables and herbs in the Garden of the Royal horticultural society, Wisley located in, the size of this Apple is small compared to the largest sample in the history.

Grown in 1997, Apple Hoheit Vander weighed an astounding 1,41 kg, which still allows him to be in the Guinness Book of records. This Apple was grown by a farmer from Kent County; Alan Smith, who said that it had increased to 17-year-old tree, and that he first noticed it when it was the size of a bowling ball.

Wilkins also added that apples can virustatic such enormous size made naturally, and that they do not have to be genetically modified.

Despite the cost of £664, impressive Japanese Apple. pales in comparison to some of other most expensive fruit in the world. Two years ago, grown in Cornwall, the pineapple was estimated at £10000 – which makes it the most expensive fruit in the world with a pretty interesting price for something that spent most of its life under several tons of horse manure.

Pineapple record over two years was grown using traditional Victorian gardening techniques at the Lost gardens of Heligan, a Botanical attraction in Cornwall.

Gardeners have created tropical conditions in small greenhouses. heated using a chemical reaction in 30 tons of horse manure and urine, and piles of straw. The gardener working in the Lost gardens of Heligan, said to grow like a pineapple cost them about £1200.

But even this record was surpassed in June 2013 when a Japanese buyer spent £10300 for two melons .

Record holder or Yubari cantaloupes were sold at auction in Central wholesale market Sapporo, in Northern Japan, where they are considered a status symbol.

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