How to cook appetizers for a Banquet?

Any event that includes a meal out of the meal, you can Supplement interesting snacks that are practical and comfortable and, most importantly, delicious. The most common appetizers Banquet menu can be called canapés, vol-AU-vents and baskets.

Canapés are small sandwiches aesthetically decorated. To prepare this snack you can use, in addition to the bread and figured croutons, meat, fish and other products. And there is no limit for imagination.

As for fish products, it is advisable to use granular, pressed or chum salmon caviar products from salmon, and salty, hot and cold smoked fish. If you prefer meat products, recommended ham, various sausages, boiled or fried meat and other meat products.

In principle, no matter what products for canapés you choose, as long as together they had an interesting combination both in terms of appearance and taste. Therefore, in order to make beautiful a snack, use butter, mayonnaise, cucumbers, greens, boiled eggs, fruit, sweet red pepper, etc.

It is known that salted fish products nicely combined with the egg, and some meat products (ham, pork) are perfectly complemented by the mild cheese. It is worth noting that the cheeses used in canapes and as a framework.

If the ingredients of meals include bread. it is better to give preference to wheat varieties. Rye, mainly used in combination with fish or pork. In any case, with the bread, remove the crust, cut into a strip approximately 0.5 cm and a width of 5-6 cm then put it in the oven or toaster oven and cool.

Butter covered the edge of the already prepared bread, on which spread a staple snack. It is supplemented with a variety of toppings as mayonnaise, oil blends or butter. Top can be decorated with a variety of additional products, and the stripes cut into any geometric shape. It now remains to cool canapés to the solidification of the oil.

As for the baskets, they are made from pastry or puff pastry and vol AU vents – puff pastry. These snacks can be filled with caviar, liver paste, salads and other products.

Great importance is the design of the Banquet plates. You need to have snacks, prepared snacks aesthetically pleasing combined both form and color. Appetizing designed composition will leave a pleasant impression and your guests and compliments to your address!

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