Extreme gourmets: the most terrible meals of the world

Many of us think that the most terrible that will offer them the menu foreign restaurants, it’s snails or frog legs. And not want to taste fried tarantulas, poisonous fish fillets or stewed bats? Well, or a dessert from the brain of a monkey? No? And scholars, incidentally, claim that it tastes reminiscent of a delicate rice pudding…

Under the knife of chef in different parts of the world’s most incredible animals. In the ranking of gourmet-ekstremalov lead, undoubtedly, Asians. For the European list of obscure names in a foreign language offered at restaurants in Cambodia or Vietnam, is akin to Russian roulette. So I think then that it makes cracking sounds so appetizing on your teeth.

Cambodia: tarantulas. If you find yourself in the town of Skuon near the capital of Cambodia don’t faint when you stuck to sellers with trays and trays piled still alive, moving or already roasted “dish”. However, most emerging in Cambodia foreigners to “ping” have not matured yet. But local foodies wondered, why not to crunch such a tasty spider the size of a hand?

Not to say that modern Cambodians eat spiders from hunger. Even poor peasants. Not enough food: rice, fish, chickens, and pigs. Spiders they really like. Tarantula “a-ping” among cambodiacambodia the same delicacy as caviar in the West. However, it still needs to properly prepare.

And cook them simply. First they need to kill. While there, first catch – to pull out of the hole and pull out the poisonous fangs. Then to kill by squeezing together the abdomen, so that they do not run away from the pan. Further claystone slowly roasted over an open fire (definitely wood) with the addition of large amounts of salt and garlic. When the chitin armor, in the normal state is black, will acquire a reddish-brown hue, – all spider with a crispy crust and very tender inside ready for use. It is preferably scalding hot. They say, tastes like chicken…

France: bats. On the streets of Vietnam you can find the most exotic dishes. What is the beating heart of a Cobra, soup from armadillos or the chicken hearts, marinated in pig’s blood. This “ambrosia” are not the invention of any of the wild inhabitants of the jungle. Just the opposite, all of these delights can be found only in the most expensive restaurants. The apotheosis of the exotic and incredibly expensive meal are meals from bats. Every self-respecting restaurant caught animals kept in a cage, and the customer is provided the right to choose.

Vending mouse then show criogenic in all its glory: to stretch the wings, and then one lightning strike her head cut off. Moreover, the blood from the wound decant into the glass, of course, for her to drink. The Vietnamese believe that the blood stimulates and strengthens virility. And experts say that meat bats taste akin to beef in curry sauce.

Indonesia: dog filling. In those parts of Asia that can not boast of wealth, of man’s best friends really, really love. But not for the intelligent eyes and wagging tail, and, so to say, taste. Take care of your Friend, if you go on holiday with him. Your pet can just kidnap and roast you for dinner, shocking as it may sound. The owners of black dogs should be particularly vigilant because the islanders are convinced that their meat is not inferior to steam the veal.

Hong Kong: monkey brains. Yes! Here it is considered a sophisticated dessert. And, before you can be on your table dish will be an incredibly complex procedure of preparation. Further reading is not for the faint of heart: the brain is served on the table directly in the head of the monkey. For this primacy is firmly fixed, shave, and then punch him in the head using a small hammer and chisel.

After the upper part of the skull is removed, brains eaten with a tea spoon. And most importantly: the meal should be completed before the death of the animal! But take a breather. Fortunately, with modern chefs (apparently under pressure from the societies for the protection of animals) came up with the recipe for this “dessert” which does not have to resort to such unthinkable barbarity.

Paraguay: rats. Fried, stewed, stuffed, dried – Paraguayans are ready to eat their rodent parasites in any form. And whereas previously they ate only in small poor villages, but now the fashion has spread across the country. Paraguayans believe that the meat of rats is very rich in protein, it almost dietary. Attention: you are considered a real delicacy newborn pups, which prepare and swallow it whole.

In light of the already described the propensity of the Japanese to the poisonous puffer fish, after tasting which annually kills about a hundred people, it seems quite harmless. Besides, civilized the Japanese government in 1958 ordered the cooks who want to prepare fugu for their clients to pass stringent exams. If the client is still going to die, cook according to the law of honor must do’s seppuku is to release yourself of the colon. But because of the hassle of cutting and because of that, when all the suspect parts are removed, the meat is left with less than nothing, to tickle nerves fugu is very expensive.

But Asia is not only shocking us with their gastronomic tastes. Beautiful Italy can whip up something on the what unprepared will put some hair on your head. However the dish is also moving.

In the villages around Lollow that in Sardinia, the local farmers like to sit after dinner for a glass of good homemade wine. For an appetizer served with bread and something brown that is removed from a dark closet right before the meal. It’s cheese and it moved. Cheese head, dotted with holes, inhabited by thousands of squirming maggots. They consider Northern Italians, have excellent stimulating effect. However, invented this dish was a complete accident. And it is hardly necessary to explain how to achieve similar results at home. But somehow the cheese with the larvae was recognized as a delicacy, still cooked by Italian chefs.

Well what can I say the girl who’s holding your balls. and gently asked. Do you love me?

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