Decoration salads to feast: recipes

Today it is hard to imagine any dish without a salad. Our Slavic people love salads: different, tasty, with vodka, traditional and original! And beautiful salads – it’s such a nice addition to any salad, which tries to embody in his kitchen each hostess.

Decoration salads – it’s like a religion and philosophy – each family has its own, and unites their one common passion — decorating. To philosophize about how to decorate salads can be long. And there are people who do not like the decoration of salads in our usual sense. In any case, beautiful salads – it’s the atmosphere of the holiday celebration, it is an opportunity to make our brighter and more saturated.

Dear friends, I offer you an original selection with examples of jewelry of salads, which I hope you not only enjoy, but will appear on your holiday table.

Salad “Sunflower”

Salad with chicken and mushrooms “Mushroom”

Salad “Watermelon slice”


Chicken breast – 300-400 grams,

mushrooms – 300 grams,

onions – 1-2 head,

eggs – 2-3 PCs.,

tomatoes – 2-3 pieces,

cucumbers – 2-3 pieces,

green onion – 1 bunch,

cheese– 100-150 grams,



Chicken breast boil – chop.

Mushrooms and onion cut into cubes, fry in vegetable oil with added butter.

Boil eggs, cut into cubes.

Put layers: chicken breast — cream-mushrooms, fried with onions – sour cream – boiled eggs – sour cream.

Decoration top: tomatoes, finely chopped, cucumber – strips +dill, cheese – grater, olives.

Salad of salmon “Daisy”

Salad “Hedgehog” Korean carrot


half chicken breast – about 300 grams

marinated mushrooms whole out of the jar

2 medium onions

3 chicken eggs

the average cucumber

about 200 grams of hard cheese varieties

1 pack of mayonnaise

a handful of walnuts

a glass of Korean carrot

3 medium black olives pitted

bunch of lettuce leaves

Salt and a little pepper


1. Chicken fillet boil in salted water, cool and cut into not very large kubikami.

2. Eggs boil and RUB on a grater krupenko.

3. Onion peel and finely chop.

4. Cucumber wash and cut into small strips. You can certainly grate, but make too much juice and mashed cucumber in this salad will not work.

5. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.

6. Walnuts are very good to grind in the blender and pepper them.

7. Fungi leave a few for decoration, and the remaining mushrooms finely chop and fry in butter.

8. Even from this quantity of products to be a large hedgehog, so take a little more plate, spoon on the bottom of the lettuce leaves and form the silhouette of a hedgehog, laying layers one by one: the chicken – a layer of mayonnaise – onion – mayonnaise – mushrooms – a layer of mayonnaise — eggs – mayonnaise again – the cucumber – grated walnuts – cheese – mayonnaise.

9. Torso the hedgehog cover Korean carrots, leaving a little cheese. Eyes and nose made of black olives, lay around the greens and on top of the “needles” put the mushrooms.

I recommend this dish for the holiday. I think salad recipe Hedgehog-male, but if you remove the pepper, and children. Very charming critter to the center of the holiday table. And mayonnaise it is better to prepare yourself, for your own health!

Salad with pomegranate “ladybug”

How to prepare and decorate the salad “ladybug” pomegranate look HERE

Salad “Tulips”


1. Do tulipani cut the petals at the top of the tomato, it is better if the tomatoes will be firmer.

2. We remove what we nicked. With a knife carefully.

3. Then with a spoon take out serdtsevinu, remove up to half of tomatoes to the taste of the tomatoes too, but it’s as you like if you like more filling remove more hearts.

4. For the filling cheese, two eggs cooked, garlic, walnuts and mayonnaise.

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