Chicken souffle

Choosing the right snack ensures a good mood even the most fastidious guest. Usually such people are attracted to originality and incredible flavors that adds to the meal a special charm.Extremely easy and not very familiar dish, which is chicken souffle, has several advantages: it cooks fast, and always able to conquer all without exception.It is strange that this recipe only appeared recently, because it is a simple dish to prepare and does not require expensive ingredients.

To make your festive table even more appealing, you’ll need:

• Chicken breast – 1 PC.;

• Garlic – 2 cloves;

• Cream – 50 ml. or sour cream with fat content not more than 10%;

• Starch – 1 tbsp;

• Curry (powder);

• Almonds (for lovers);

• Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp;

• Eggs – 2 PCs.;

• Salt and pepper.

The preparation begins with boiling the breast. Then detachable bones and grind the meat using a blender, but in the absence of such can the meat skip through Mincer (preferably twice). In the resulting mass add cream (sour cream), starch, eggs, garlic (minced).

Beat again our mass in a blender until obtaining a uniform character. Sprinkle with salt,add pepper and seasoning (curry). Now we will need muffin tins. They need to be lubricated with oil so the meat doesn’t stick to the surface. Thereafter, the mold is placed in a slide “minced meat”, slightly compacted and leveled.

Sprinkle “cake” with chopped almonds and place in a preheated 220 degree oven for 15 minutes. The magical scent gradually fills the whole kitchen, and the guests freeze in anticipation of a new dish. Have to wait long. Rapidly run 15 minutes and your original starter is ready!

To cook large batches of chicken soufflé is not recommended for one simple reason. To lose their appetizing appearance, this dish enough to stand on the table unattended for a few hours. Soufflé gets weather-beaten and not quite attractive dry crust. But this problem has a solution.

First, immediately invite guests to enjoy a hot snack. Believe me, every second will definitely ask for seconds. Secondly, if the culinary delights on your table a lot, it is possible to maintain the appearance of chicken “cupcakes” can be, covered with finely chopped parsley (small amount) or a thin layer of mayonnaise. Such “camouflage” in any case will not affect the taste and appearance remain flawless until the end of the holiday.

Cook with pleasure and Bon appetit!

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