Cafe of Ukrainian cuisine at the sisters at Poltava

If the legendary hero Aeneas, so eloquently praised by the Roman Vergil and Poltava Ivan Petrovich Kotlyarevsky lived in our time, then your trip to Ukraine he would have started with a visit to the glorious city of Poltava – the Motherland of one of its jizneopisanii. By the way, on 234 km of the highway Kyiv – Poltava, he definitely would stay in a Ukrainian café “the sisters” .

Here the maidens charivniy in Ukrainian national costumes treated like our hero the most delicious, savory dishes of Ukrainian cuisine . After all, how can you refuse poslanci potatoes with bacon, my grandmother’s Poltava galuscak, jelly, duck with apples, especially if you drink it all and more the richness of the Ukrainian cuisine honey-lemon kvass, compote of cranberry and berry fruit and berry compote?!

It’s no wonder brilliant Kotlyarevsky before every important event fed my Aeneas Poltava dumplings, dumplings and the Poltava Ukrainian borsch with donuts . Remember:

P’yat Kazan stood claret,

And in chotiroh boules dumplings,

Borscht troch was not R SST;

Barang darkness Bula werenich,

Chickens, geese, Jock Pechenik,

Dosite so was everyone St.

And once the famous Poltava dumplings helped him not only to maintain the morale of comrades in arms, but also acted as weapons:

For Kul – dried dumplings,

And bombs –that W clay naleo,

And drain colonic for cartech…

Would have stayed to live our Aeneas near the Ukrainian café “the sisters” . because one can hardly forget the taste of dumplings Poltava, Poltava varenichki, Ukrainian borsch with pampushkas . prepared according to family recipes passed down from generation to generation. All delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are prepared with organic products specifically for the sisters carefully cultivated on farms Khorolsky district.

Now visitors of the cafe “sisters” can enjoy the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine ” Ukrainian hall “, to remember the best pages of Ukrainian history under the pancakes with poppy seeds, nuts and honey in the ” Museum hall “, served tender stuffed cabbage in ” Hutsul hall “, to recall the Soviet past under gorilochka with homemade pickles, transparent Salk or paderewska in the ” Pioneer room “, treat yourself to a wonderful sarnicki homemade cottage cheese in ” the Passage “, relax with the closest people and the famous Poltava dumplings with kefir in the ” front Room “…

Well, if You want to hold a Banquet or formal dinner where everyone present can enjoy roasted Prime rib, chicken Kiev, fresh krovenosnoe, brand acroseal and other dishes of Ukrainian cuisine – something to Your attention ” the Round bench “, the “Historical hall”, the “Presidential bench” with a separate entrance, a Banquet hall (conference hall) 80 seats.

And, of course, all of this slowly digested and absorbed, Ukrainian cafe guests can comfortably be accommodated in the Motel “Castle” . and in the morning, to pay tribute to the excellent potato pancakes with cracklings on the old site.

What the holidays hold sisters for all fans of Ukrainian cuisine . On New year’s day guests are greeted by a snow woman in the Ukrainian national clothes . colorful Santa Claus handing out gifts, contests at St. Nicholas every visitor receives an “mikolajczyk” with regards to the gift, and the Day the café visitors are treated to a delicious palanisami, pour a glass of Ukrainian vodka… For each holiday necessarily prepared traditional for this day the dish is Ukrainian national dishes – kutya, a sweet, lush cakes (definitely sanctified!), painted krashanki, juicy homemade sausage…

Cafe in Ukrainian style a lot, but the Ukrainian café “the sisters” is one such… a soulful, savory, hospitable, just like the Ukrainian cuisine – the most delicious in the world!

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